Top 10 Barcelona Fintech Startups To Watch This Year (2023)

Financial technology, better known as fintech, is an emerging industry that uses technology to provide powerful and exciting financial services. Billions are being invested in this emerging sector every year, with fintech startups even now competing with traditional banks, which can often struggle to keep up with digital innovation.

Barcelona is home to some of the most exciting fintech startups that meeting the demands of today’s hungry, tech-savvy customers. Companies such as N26 have opened offices here and created hundreds of jobs in the capital of Catalunya, putting Barcelona on the map of the global fintech market.

In case you’re not aware of the many innovators disrupting the financial services industry here, we’re bringing you a list of the most exciting fintech startups in Barcelona.

The big contenders


Founded in 2011, Kantox was hot off the mark, building momentum before consumers and investors realised the full potential of fintech as serious competition for banks. The London-based peer-to-peer finance platform’s main office is located in the Torre Mapfre skyscraper on Barcelona’s waterfront. The company recently closed its second venture debt financing deal with a €5 million package, taking their total amount raised to €21 million since their inception.

Kantox, which has appeared on the Deloitte UK Technology Fast 50 list every year since 2016, recently applied to the Bank of Spain for its local payment entity license in case of a disorderly Brexit outcome leading to the UK’s sudden departure from the European Union. Offering a cheaper and more transparent service than traditional banks, the firm boasts over 3,500 clients in 25 industries that have already exchanged more than €8.6 billion.


Top 10 Barcelona Fintech Startups To Watch This Year (1)

Mobile payment platform Verse enables users to make P2P payments. Despite being registered as an American company, Verse was initially founded in Barcelona in 2014 by three young Spaniards. Gunning to be “the WhatsApp of payments,” the free app lets users send money to any phone contact to share common expenses for parties, fuel, events and dinner without commissions.

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Verse has so far raised more than €30M in funding to accelerate their ambitious growth plans and since its launch, the app has registered exponential growth in all areas. In May 2017, the fintech startup closed a major $20M Series B investment round, just half a year after raising over $8M for their Series A round. Now it plans to offer merchants the option to use Verse as a payment gateway as well as providing technological solutions for companies’ advanced payment needs.

ID Finance

Founded in 2012, ID Finance is a fast-growing fintech startup specialising in data science, credit scoring and digital finance. This emerging fintech player now holds its headquarters in Barcelona after relocating from Russia, leveraging machine learning and advanced data science techniques to improve access to competitive financial services.

The startup has conducted two successful funding rounds so far, raising $50 million in debt financing in 2017 from several sources to boost its Latin American plans, in addition to the $10 million of equity funding previously raised. ID Finance has been ranked 84th in the FT 1000 list of Europe’s fastest growing companies and is also the second fastest growing fintech in the region.


Top 10 Barcelona Fintech Startups To Watch This Year (3)

Strands, the fintech software company founded in 2004, develops solutions for banks and merchants to help increase customer engagement and generate new revenue through digital channels. Since 2004, Strands has been leveraging its extensive expertise in big data and machine learning to develop AI-based digital money management software. The firm’s last funding was a Series B round of $49 million 11 years ago, taking their total amount funded to date to $79 million.

Strands powered the first Personal Finance Management solution in Europe for BBVA, which is still considered to be one of the best mobile banking apps around the globe today. The company also began a partnership with Mastercard in 2018 to empower small-to-medium enterprise banking with AI and cutting-edge payment technology. With more than 300 corporate clients around the world and offices in Barcelona, ​​San Francisco, Miami, Buenos Aires and Singapore, Strands is a company in constant growth.

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The ones to watch


Top 10 Barcelona Fintech Startups To Watch This Year (4)

Unnax is a Banking as a Service company that provides Open Banking solutions. It provides APIs and tools for businesses to access bank account data from their users and to process payments and move money. Unnax is present in Spain, Poland, Portugal, Italy, and the Dominican Republic. Currently, more than 80 companies use their solutions, with clients ranging from leading companies to small businesses and consumers.

The Barcelona-based company was founded by Jordi Perez Roselló and Julián Díaz-Santos Hernández in late 2015, and received €1.5 million in funding with the help of Swanlaab Venture Factory in October 2017. The company has received €2 million in funding to date from Seed and Series A funding rounds.


Top 10 Barcelona Fintech Startups To Watch This Year (5)

Founded in 2017, Goin is a savings management platform that enables users to save spare change from purchases they make which is then added to their Goin account. The startup uses intelligent machine learning algorithms to choose the best time to redirect a small part of users’ money, allowing users to select one of 3 levels of risk according to their personality.

Goin was born from an experiment by three young Spanish entrepreneurs that were looking for a way to optimise their saving. The savings app has raised a total of €2.2 million in its first year, with the aim of helping millennials achieve their financial goals. The startup plans to use these funds to strengthen its market share in Spain and look towards European expansion. It’s popular with its customers too: Goin has attracted​ more than 100,000 users and has ​processed more than €100 million, ​with ​a total of €3 million saved and invested by its users.


Top 10 Barcelona Fintech Startups To Watch This Year (6)
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Founded in 2015, Covergy is a free app that allows you to manage all of your insurance products in one place. With the simple mission of wanting to make insurance easy for everyone, the Barcelona-based startup researches and proactively suggests the best offers for similar insurance coverage, as well as offering personalised support from a team of expert advisers.

Coverfy has raised a total of €4.3 million in funding so far, over 3 rounds. Their latest funding round was raised in 2017, which was a Series A round from K Fund. The group later acquired the SegurosBroker private insurance portfolio in 2018 and looks set to continue to cement itself as a market leader in Spain.

The newcomers


Top 10 Barcelona Fintech Startups To Watch This Year (7)

Founded in February 2017, InbestMe is an automated investment portfolio manager based in Catalunya. InbestMe uses a series of algorithms that decide on the best investments for you and manages your portfolio based on pre-established rules. These robotic managers are popularly known as “roboadvisors” and have simplified the investment process using digitalisation.

InbestMe recently closed a round of financing that reached €1.3 million. The startup plans to use this capital to accelerate company growth, with the goal of increasing their client base to 4,000 people and managing a volume of €100 million of assets in a year. With this round of investment, sourced from other technology companies and private investors, this startup completed an expansion kickstarted in April last year using contributions from its partners.

Bonus: additional fast-growing fintech startups


Top 10 Barcelona Fintech Startups To Watch This Year (8)

NoviCap, a Barclays Techstars alumnus, was funded in 2014 with the mission of digitizing the SME finance industry by building the first SME-centric, fully digital and cost-effective invoice finance solution. The startup has already raised more than €3M to date and has become the alternative finance leader for Factoring and Confirming in Spain. It has financed close to €100M in outstanding invoices to Spanish SMEs while enjoying an impressive 5.5x growth YoY since 2017. NoviCap’s next goal is to reach €1B in financed volume and becoming the main bank alternative to Factoring and Confirming in Europe by 2021.

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Top 10 Barcelona Fintech Startups To Watch This Year (9)

Flanks is a SaaS Fintech startup based in Barcelona that was founded by Joaquim de la Cruz, Sergi Lao, and Álvaro Morales in December 2018. The company was established, after the founders’ team saw the need to develop a more accessible solution for those companies that sought to integrate with their clients’ banking accounts. Flanks has developed an API that aggregates all the financial data on a single user-friendly platform. Above this data layer, Flanks provides high value-added solutions for any Fintech company. The startup received a seed funding of €200K led by SeedRocket 4Founders Capital, Lanai Partner and several business angels in May 2019.

What’s next?

After the financial crisis of 2008, one thing that became apparent was the widespread distrust for traditional financial institutions. This caused a demand for alternatives that were transparent, inclusive and friendly.

This call was answered en masse: numerous Barcelona fintech startups are providing exciting challenges to traditional financial services. It’s often said that when money is concerned, “easy come, easy go”, but the fintech industry in Barcelona looks like it’s here to stay.

Did we miss anyone from this list? Get in touch with us on Twitter or Facebook, leave us a comment or send us an email with a brief description and we will add them to the list!

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Which fintech company is fastest growing? ›

Meet the fastest-growing fintechs of 2022
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  • 5ire. London-headquartered 5ire launched in November 2021 and has already secured a $1.5bn valuation. ...
  • Payhawk. ...
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  • Yokoy. ...
  • Fonoa Technologies. ...
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Dec 20, 2022

What are the biggest trends in fintech? ›

Blockchain. As technology continues to evolve rapidly, blockchain is one of the most exciting trends in fintech. Blockchain is a digital ledger that records and verifies different types of transactions.

What is the most popular fintech? ›

Largest Fintech Companies by Market Valuation
Country Sector Search Search in Name Country Type of company Status Market Cap Reference Date Source Continent Newly Added Newly Updated
1VisaUnited States
2MastercardUnited States
3Tencent (Fintech business)China
39 more rows

What are the top FinTech stocks for 2023? ›

4 Play-It-Safe Fintech Stocks to Buy
Fintech stockYTD return as of June 14
Visa Inc. (V)8%
Intuit Inc. (INTU)15.1%
Fiserv Inc. (FI)18.7%
LendingTree Inc. (TREE)3%
Jun 15, 2023

What is the next big thing in FinTech? ›

Contactless Transactions and Cross-Border Payments

The rise of contactless transactions and cross-border payments are some of the latest FinTech trends in this inventive industry. They are also said to continue as a big trend in the global FinTech market in 2023.

What are the trends in fintech in 2023? ›

The fintech industry is continuously evolving, driven by advances in technology and changes in consumer behaviour. 2023 will witness significant trends in AI and machine learning, blockchain, digital banking and mobile payments, cybersecurity and fraud prevention, and open banking and API integration.

What are the five fintech trends? ›

Table of Contents:
  • List of 5 FinTech Trends with the impact on the Financial Industry.
  • 1.1. Digital Payments.
  • 1.2. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
  • 1.3. Blockchain Technology.
  • 1.4. RegTech (Regulatory Technology).
  • 1.5. Embedded Finance.
  • FinTech solutions developed by Railwaymen.
  • 2.1. CreateCoin.
Feb 24, 2023

What are the 4 areas of fintech? ›

Artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, cloud computing, and big data are considered the four key areas of fintech. Artificial intelligence refers to the intelligence demonstrated by machines, in contrast with “natural intelligence” displayed by humans and animals.

What is the most used fintech in USA? ›

Leading fintech companies in the USA
  • VISA. Market cap: $450.3 billion. Revenue in 2022 and 2021: $29.3 billion and $24.1 billion. ...
  • Mastercard. Market cap: $338.0 billion. ...
  • American Express. Market cap: $122.5 billion. ...
  • Ripple. Market cap: $23.1 billion. ...
  • Plaid. Market cap: valued at $13 billion in 2021.
Apr 14, 2023

Which is the 3rd largest fintech ecosystem in the world? ›

India is currently the world's third largest fintech ecosystem with 7,460 companies in the domain. The US has the highest with 22,290 fintech companies, followed by China, which has 8,870.

Which of the following is the top 3 fintech categories? ›

These are the most popular types of fintech:
  • Digital banking.
  • Payment.
  • Trading and cryptocurrency.
  • Insurance.
  • Deposit and lending.
  • Capital raising.
Aug 29, 2022

What is the most disruptive fintech? ›

6 Disruptive FinTech Companies Disrupting the Investment Game
  • Fundera.
  • SoFi.
  • Yield Street.
  • Acorns.
  • Openfolio.
  • Robinhood.
Oct 27, 2021

What are the 3 categories of fintech? ›

Fintech covers a wide range of use cases across business-to-business (B2B), business-to-consumer (B2C), and peer-to-peer (P2P) markets.

Who are the key players in the fintech market? ›

Key Players in the Global Fintech Market

Stripe, Inc. Intuit Inc. Adyen Group. Coinbase.

What stock will boom in 2023? ›

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  • Match (MTCH)
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SIMOSilicon Motion Technology$54.43
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What are 10 stocks to buy in 2023? ›

10 of the Best Stocks to Buy for 2023
StockYTD Total Returns Through June 6
Walt Disney Co. (DIS)6.1%
PayPal Holdings Inc. (PYPL)-8.7%
EOG Resources Inc. (EOG)-10.9%
Grupo Aeroportuario del Sureste SAB de CV (ASR)26.1%
7 more rows

Who are future FinTech competitors? ›

Future FinTech Group closed its last funding round on Apr 6, 2021 from a Post-IPO Equity round. Who are Future FinTech Group 's competitors? Alternatives and possible competitors to Future FinTech Group may include Diginex , Bitfury Group , and Blockchain Capital .

What is the biggest segment in FinTech? ›

The most competitive funding sector is digital payments. In India, the payments sector accounted for over 48.5% of FinTech companies as of September 2021.

Does FinTech have a future? ›

The fintech sector, currently holding a mere 2% share of global financial services revenue, is estimated to reach $1.5 trillion in annual revenue by 2030, constituting almost 25% of all banking valuations worldwide.

What new technologies are coming in 2023? ›

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Automation are two of the biggest technology trends that will continue to transform industries in 2023. AI will enable machines to learn and make decisions like humans, while automation will streamline processes and reduce human error.

What are future market trends 2023? ›

The best marketing strategy in 2023 will be one with integrated video and written content: Pringle adds that websites still need text information but adding video to showcase products (and then having the ability to add to social media) will help marketers expand their reach to a wider audience.

What are 3 current trends in the US fintech market? ›

These include the rise of mobile banking, digital investment platforms, blockchain technology, AI-driven solutions, and open banking systems. We will also discuss how these trends are transforming how we manage our finances and shaping financial services' future.

What are four 4 categories of users for fintech? ›

There are four broad categories of users for fintech:
  • Business-to-business (B2B) for banks.
  • Clients of B2B banks.
  • Business-to-consumer (B2C) for small businesses.
  • Consumers.

What is the ABCD of FinTech? ›

The acronym ABCD stands for: A - Artificial Intelligence, B - Blockchain, C- Cloud Computing and D - Data, and it's associated with most offered FinTech services.

Why FinTech is booming? ›

The Fintech industry has seen tremendous growth in India over the last decade since it caught pace after the expansion of internet services in the country. With a fintech adoption rate of 87% against the global average of 64%, India is one of the fastest growing fintech markets in the world.

What are the FinTech pillars? ›

Successful fintechs possess four kinds of expertise: entrepreneurial, computational, financial, and regulatory. Here's how it all comes together.

Is Zelle a fintech company? ›

Who Owns Zelle? Zelle is a product of Early Warning Services, LLC, a fintech company owned by seven of America's largest banks: Bank of America, Truist, Capital One, JPMorgan Chase, PNC Bank, U.S. Bank and Wells Fargo.

What is the fintech capital of the world? ›

Atlanta began its fintech story through companies that now process nearly 70% of the world's digital payments. Companies like First Data, Global Payments and TSYS have grown over decades to become some of the most influential players in the financial technology space.

Which country has the highest fintech? ›

Boasting the highest fintech adoption rate globally, India is consistently ranked among the fastest-growing fintech markets in the world. As of the start of 2023, there were more than 2,000 fintech start-ups in India, a number that is growing both consistently and ahead of many global competitors.

Which city has the most number of fintech startups? ›

Mumbai, the financial capital of the country, and Bangalore, dubbed the Silicon Valley of India, lead the charge, with over 42% of the fintech startups based here. Other major cities include New Delhi, Gurugram and Hyderabad.

How many Americans use fintech? ›

Eight in ten Americans (80%) used digital apps and services to manage their money in 2022, and over half used fintech daily.

Is Venmo a fintech company? ›

How does Venmo make money when it allows people to send money to one another for free? Venmo is one of the most successful and popular FinTech apps in the United States, and even though its most popular service is free, Venmo makes money and a lot of it.

What are the latest growing areas in fintech? ›

Fintech Trends To Look Out For In 2023
  • The Pay Later Market is Growing. ...
  • Cyber Security and Fraud Prevention. ...
  • Open Banking and API Integration. ...
  • Rise of AI in Fintech. ...
  • The Return of DeFi and Blockchain. ...
  • Credit Scoring will Become More Accurate. ...
  • Neobanking will Become Hyper-Focused. ...
  • Fintechs will Become Wiser.
Mar 31, 2023

Which is the 3rd largest fintech ecosystem? ›

India is currently the third largest FinTech market, following the US and the UK, with over 7300 startups in the segment, supported by an overall funding volume of around $30.2 billion.

Which country is leading worldwide in fintech? ›

The Unites States ranked first in terms of the number of fintech unicorns globally as of April 2023, having roughly five times more of these companies than the United Kingdom.

What is lacking in fintech? ›

The fintech industry has many benefits, challenges, and solutions. Among the leading issues, we may point out the lack of tech expertise and complicated regulatory compliance. However, these challenges are easily overcome with the usage of modern technologies and a trusted software development partner.

What are the 3 roadblocks to fintech success in the USA? ›

The top three roadblocks stopping financial services firms from rolling out effective digital transformation strategies are the inability to keep pace with technological change, the lack of a roadmap for innovation, and the struggle to modernize IT infrastructure, according to a survey from financial technology ...

How risky is fintech? ›

Accenture found that fintech firms are more likely to be targeted than traditional financial institutions. For example, if a fintech company falls victim to a data breach and customer data is compromised, the reputational damage and loss of user trust are disastrous for businesses.

What are the five FinTech trends? ›

Table of Contents:
  • List of 5 FinTech Trends with the impact on the Financial Industry.
  • 1.1. Digital Payments.
  • 1.2. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
  • 1.3. Blockchain Technology.
  • 1.4. RegTech (Regulatory Technology).
  • 1.5. Embedded Finance.
  • FinTech solutions developed by Railwaymen.
  • 2.1. CreateCoin.
Feb 24, 2023

What is the FinTech outlook for 2023? ›

"2023 will see the fintech market consolidating, with convergence between differing digital asset players, payments providers and finance and capital markets platforms, particularly in the trade finance space.

What are the banking trends in 2023? ›

Mobile banking, artificial intelligence and chatbots, open banking, and cryptocurrency are just a few of the digital banking trends reshaping the industry. Personalized banking, augmented reality, voice banking, and cybersecurity are set to shape the banking industry in the coming years.

What are the three pillars of fintech? ›

  • Capital Formation.
  • Credit and Risk Solutions.
  • Data & Distribution.
  • Economics & Country Risk.
  • Sustainability.
  • Financial Technology Solutions.


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